gale-wGale Waltrip has been in the real estate business for over thirty-five years, and utilizes this experience and knowledge of the community to assist both buyers and sellers in achieving their needs and goals. Waltrip Real Estate has been selling homes and commercial properties out of their current location on South Main in Jacksonville since 1988. We pride ourselves on being a very experienced and friendly staff.

jim-wJim Waltrip is a well-known figure in the Jacksonville area, having owned his own business in Jacksonville for ten years. In 1989 Jim went to work for his father, Gale, as a sales agent. He has been very active with youth sports in the community. Jim is overseeing and maintaining the online operations for the company.
Jean Spotts is a very well-liked member of the Waltrip team, and has been a very effective sales agent. Prior to joining Waltrip Real Estate in 1988, Jean had several years experience in banking, including nine years as a loan officer. She is very active in a number a local civic groups.
Merle Kennedy is a Jacksonville native who has been a licensed real estate agent since the early 1990's. He would like to invite family and friends to contact him about their real estate needs.
Millie E.Millie-E